RaceResults 360 is a premier service provider for custom event mobile applications and integrated results platform for participatory sports around the world.   In 2010 development begin and was incubated under Trinity Timing & Consulting, a national timing company specializing in triathlon.  Scott Langford, owner of Trinity Timing & Consulting, realized that events want a more integrated solution for results from delivery to display.  Technology has quickly become the standard with events around the world, but a flexible platform was in demand.   A partnership was formed between Scott Langford and Ryan Lowe, bringing together nearly a decade of experience in both events and software engineering.

RaceResults 360 has developed the RR:360 engine™, built to bring together web, social media and mobile technology for an audience that wants white label products.  This means clients have the opportunity to integrate our solutions into their existing solutions for a seamless experience for their users.

RaceResults 360 – connecting experiences™